Friday, April 01, 2011

"No Pattern Easter Dress"

Grab a simple dress and trace on whatever fabric you like, when traceing add 1/4 inch for seam allowance (while tracing the front piece swoop down a little so the dress wont be a chocker). Trace for front and back. Cut your dress shapes out. Cut a slit in the back for a button and elastic toggle. Finish raw edges around neck and arm line, finish the opening in the backs edges, while finishing one side loop a piece of elastic and sew onto dress. Sew a button on opposite side. Embellish (if you want, man i sound bossy). Sew right sides together. Va-BAM your done, put on something cute! And all the mommys out there you can do this to one of your dresses even.

My Doodie wasnt feeling too hot, after playing with her toy for a little while this is what happened while Mommy sewed. This is a first, she is the pickiest sleeper ever!

Ribbon from Walmart

Ribbon Ruffle & simple Toggle Button Thingy, i know all the correct sewing terms :)

She just LOVED it :)
Enjoy getting your craft on... And Easter too!



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