Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tutu - Its Another No Sew

Man its been forever! I havent quit crafting but i did kinda go on a little bit of a blog hiatus. Ive been working on a baby quilt/ teaching myself how to quilt and its ate up alot of my time. (and i havent even started sewing it yet, this is all the cutting!) My husband was also out of the country and while he was gone I stayed with some of our family so me and the little wouldnt be so lonley. Soo here you go, I decided i would share this super easy Tutu with y'all. I really just feel bad about not putting anything up latley. This is a project I did about a month ago. Its super easy and a fourth grader could figure this one out. No offense to all you fourth graders out there! Enjoy

heres the blog i found to be the easiest
i just super glued the elastic instead of sewing it, since elastic and my machine are arch enemies. I find it best to keep the seperated


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