Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kitchen Design Ideas

I get into weird phases where I will obsessivly look up random things for hours on end, for a week or so. When I was pregnant it was Nursery Ideas, then when my daughter finally arrived it was Tree Houses. Yeah thats right, tree houses, she couldnt even hold her head up and i was already dreaming of her climing a ten foot rope ladder into her Tree-Top Fort. Thats kinda embarrassing to admit. My new obsession now  is decorating a kitchen/dinning room with these colors: Chartreuse, & Gray, with white cabinets, and some pops of black to make the green really pop. (and because i already have a black table and getting rid of it would be silly)

 With some Custom Ribbon-Tie Curtains, made by non other then me

In this fabric: "Blossom in Chartruese" by Ty Pennington, with the ties being Gray 

And a Drum light centered above the black table, in this fabric: "Impressions Lace in Gray" by Ty Pennington (shown on right) I found an easy and cute Drum Light Tutorial @
Beacause after pricing Drum Lights homemade was the only sane way to go!


I'm thinking this shade of Gay on the walls: benjamin moore "stonington gray"

With some white Cabinets

I should of been an interior designer, who knows mabey when I grow up :) OR mabey i should just get a hobby and not let my dreaming become an obsession :)

Oh wait heres the best part!

A Mirror Carved out of real Bones, by Ballard Design, very pricey though


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