Friday, December 19, 2014

Vintage Soured Heavy Cream Sugar Cookies

I recently have started attending MOPS
and have really enjoyed it. A friend I recently made from there, named
Jessica, was talking about this recipe. She also spoke a little bit about her husbands ancestry 
and needless to say I was rather enthralled. I also just had to make these cookies. 
These cookies were her Great Grandmother-in-laws recipe.
I just love things with a little history. Not too long ago Jessica was looking through a book of her husbands genealogy and noticed that down the line one of the Great Great Great(?) Grandparents, when coming over from Germany started a candy store. Jessica apparently couldn't help but giggle because they are all wonderful bakers with a bit of a sweet tooth. 
Now that you have the back story here are these dang good cookies...

Vintage Soured Heavy Cream Sugar Cookies

My Notes: 
1) ITS 2 Cups Sugar NOT 2 cups of SUGAR Cookies haha
2) This recipe makes around 6 dozen cookies so I cut when making I 
cut in half
3) The flour you end up adding is around 6 cups
4) Feel free to sour your heavy cream yourself with mixing 1 TBL of vinegar to your cream, let sit for 15 minutes
5) mix your softened butter and sugar first for one minute or two (AKA cream your butter and sugar), then add wet ingredients, lastly mix dry ingredients separately then add little by little to wet ingredients in stand mixer
6) you must chill your dough in the fridge for 4-6 hours or overnight to make rolling easier

This is the texture of my dough before I chilled it for 4 hours

I made some fun alligators with my daughter :) and then some more traditional ones 

For the frosting I used BHG Butter Frosting 
 which was so yummy and creamy. I did substitute cream for the milk because I am naughty like that. creamy...
My husband could not keep his hands off of these things and he is a self proclaimed anti-cookie and cake person. These babies are a winner


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