Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Skirt

Well it's been hard to focus on any Christmas plans at all with the baby due anytime yet. My due date is 3 days before Christmas so our plans have been one big question mark...which is fine I mean what better gift could we get? 
Well anyways it saw some awesome fabric at Walmart and knew that I should really make Emrey something "christmasy" even if she just wears it to church the Sunday after or something. 
So here's a sneak peak of her "christmasy" skirt. I'm planning on adding a white tulle pettiskirt to peak out of the bottom, we'll see if I get that accomplished though. I'll share more details and the tute I used when I'm finished.
Until then...


  1. I'm sure you must have had your baby by now! I hope everything went well xo


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