Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Dream of Baby

The title of this post is the exact name of a "secret" board I constantly pin to on pinterest. I do exactly that...constantly. My one and only child is closer to 3 then she is to 2 and the beautiful urge/longing/obsession/crazy to make a human being that has 1/2 my genetic code has set in...more like bit down and wont let go. Honestly it hit when my daughter was around 13-16 months :) and I don't think it was a coincidence that she (chose) to stop nursing around that time. Well since I'm obsessing I thought I might as well make it useful since I wont be having a baby in the near-near future....

Baby Products, Nurseries, Photo Ops, & Maternity Clothes
 that I love/want

Baby Clothing/Blankets

$58 on amazon

By: Little Hip Squeaks

By: Dana Made It


                    Made to Order 3 pc Chevron Bedding Set

                   By: Little Charlie May


By: Little Texas Babes

Nurseries I love

By: Dear Owen

source: Need Spark
they didnt list the original source which stinks so feel free to comment where its from if you know
I wanna give them their dues

by: Bee Inspired Designs

Sold at: Annette Tatum

 Shown at: Indulgy
not sure on the source :(
I thought this would be adorable in a boys nursery
braced to the wall though!

Baby Products

How amazing would that be!


These are so convenient!
Hide one in a side table in the living room and pull it out when you need to 
change the little one so you dont always have to go all the way to the nursery

Baby Photo Ideas

Photo By: Nicki Keistof
Buy the Cheese Cloth Here

Photo By: Skye Johansen
I love pictures where the Daddy is holding the baby in in his hands because inevitably you 
will forget how small your child was when they were brand new :)

By: Boho Baby Bump
I see this shot so often with the Dad and its just so beautiful and 
different with the Mama. On the plus side it hides the extra Baby pounds and belly
soon after birth

Maternity Clothes
cuz its about the process too not just the birth
celebrate it



DIY By: Cotton and Curls

Photo: Isabella Oliver


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